How to Make a Track in GarageBand

Apple’s GarageBand is an app for those artists who are looking to record for the first time or are in need of a pocket- friendly app to use professional tools for producing, editing, and mixing audio. Since the app is free for macOS and iOS users, it has become a sensational hit among producers and … Read more

GarageBand Plugins

With the help of Plugins in music software online, we can customize the computer DAW to amplify, transform or synthesize sound according to our needs and requirements. Plugins allow the audio software to  let artists control their tracks’ EQ,  help provide extra instrumental effects and  permit ease of access to enhance the ability of the … Read more

How to cut and make music in GarageBand

Music-making is a fine art that requires deep knowledge and understanding not only of music vocals and instruments but also of musical framework and placements. A good artist will make sure that their track is not only good sounding and catchy but flows smoothly over the ears without sacrificing any of the track’s original intent … Read more

GarageBand versus Audacity

GarageBand is Apple’s multitrack recording app that has revolutionized the audio game with its creation, editing and processing features that operate free of cost for macOS and iOS devices. Audacity is an open-source audio editing application that works on macOS, Windows as well as Linux systems and is free for all these platforms. While GarageBand … Read more

GarageBand- Dark Mode, MIDI Keyboard, Hard Drive Support

GarageBand has been consistently improving since its launch in 2004. Apple has made sure to deliver on the quality and inventiveness of the product without giving the app a significant price rise from the originally free status to its users. The app is a favorite among audio producers, mixers, and editors with its wide range … Read more