GarageBand for PC Windows 10 Free Download**

It has never been easier before to create your music without having to use any instruments. Today’s music artists live in an advanced world with several digital audio workstations available to them, such as the Garageband application. Nowadays, you have an entire music studio in your lap, and you can create music in the luxury of your comfort.

Apple deserves all the credits for bringing Garageband to us, which is one of the best music apps available freely on the Apple store. You get tons of different genres, sounds from several musical instruments, and a plethora of professional tools in this app. You can utilize these tools to bring out your creativity and create the perfect music as per your wish. Now, you can let your music reach around the globe with the help of the Garageband app.

Can You Install This APP on Windows Pc?

You may be aware that Garageband is an Apple product; hence it is only available for iOS devices. But we will show you different methods that you can use to get this application on your windows system. It will run entirely similar to any other Apple device.

How Can You Use the Garageband App on Windows Pc?

Installing the Garageband App on your windows PC is pretty simple once you know what you are doing? Today, we will walk you through two simple but effective methods that you can use to install the app.

●  VMware

VMware is a virtualization tool that lets you create virtual machines. You can use it to run all the Apple apps on your windows pc. 

●  Andy Emulator

Andy is an extremely popular android emulator that also supports mac applications. You can use this tool to run Garageband on your windows operating system smoothly.

Minimum Pc Requirements To Install Garageband

Garageband is a resource-intensive app. Hence you need to have a significantly powerful setup to run this app. Let us look the minimum PC specifications that you will need to run this app correctly:-

●  Windows:- Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

●  Minimum Space Required:- You need at least 8GB Space on your hard drive.

●  RAM Required:- 4GB to 8GB

●  Processor:- RYZEN 7, Intel i5 or higher processor

Method 1: How to Install Using VMware?

VMware is a virtualization tool that can enable you to run multiple virtual machines on your Windows or Linux pc. Basically, you can run several virtual machines with different operating systems on your physical server. The different VMs share everything from networking, ram, and other significant resources on the same physical server. It essentially allows you to run applications and programs from different operating systems such as macOS on your windows pc.

You can use this tool to remove all of your operating system limitations and download a wide range of applications from various operating systems without running into errors. If you are using Intel-based processors, then VMware is the perfect choice for you as it is finely tuned to work with these processors. However, if you are using Ryzen processors, you might need to check the compatibility as not all Ryzen processors support virtualization. You can easily check it online. 

Follow the steps below in order to install VMware on your Windows pc: successfully-

Step 1:- The very first step is to enable virtualization from your BIOS. You can do that by booting your system into the BIOS menu by pressing the F2 or F12 key, depending upon your machine. Check the right key for your device by searching for your model number online. Once you are into BIOS Menu, navigate to the advanced button, and locate the virtualization option under the menu. Press enter to enable it.

Step 2:- Next step is to download macOS Sierra on your PC.

Step 3:- Now, download the VMware workstation player by clicking HERE. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, click on the .exe file to install it, but you do not have to run it yet.

Step 4:- Navigate to the macOS folder that you downloaded in the previous steps and extract all the files using a RAR extractor such as WinRAR or 7zip.

Step 5:- Next, open the files that you have extracted and navigate to the following path:- macOS Sierra/ macOS Sierra 10.12 tools/ Final Youtube Folder/ unlocker208.

Step 6:- There will be a file named win-install, right-click on it and run it as an administrator by clicking on ‘Run as administrator’ option to begin the installation process. 

Step 7:- You will see a command prompt window pop up on your screen and changes running. It could take up to a few minutes to complete the entire process, so wait patiently.

Step 8:- Now, launch your VMware application and click on the ‘Open virtual machine’ option.

Step 9:- A new window should appear on screen where you will have to select the path to macOS Sierra. You can do that by navigating to macOS Sierra/ macOS Sierra 10.12 tools/ Final Youtube Folder/ macOS Sierra. Click on the OS.

Step 10:- Provide the system resource allotment for your OS by navigating the Edit Virtual Machine Settings option.

Step 11:- Afterwards, choose the number of cores in your processor as per your system’s specifications.

Step 12:- Lastly, provide RAM’s amount that you want your VMware machine to use. Your VMware installation has completed successfully.

We have only completed the VMware installation yet. There are still some steps left to set up your Garageband application. Let us move on to further steps.

Boot macOS From VMware        

Step 1:- To launch your macOS, you will first have to launch your VMware player again.

Step 2:-  Once Your VMware player is ready, navigate to the Play Virtual Machine option and click on it. The operating system can take some time to launch.

Step 3:- Once your OS is launched, you will see a window appear on your screen. Choose your country of origin and click continue.

Step 4:- Next, You will see a language option appear, choose your preferred language and click on continue.

Step 5:- You will find a list of options again. Select the “Don’t transfer any information now” option.

Step 6:- There will be an option named “Enable Location.” You can choose to ignore it or check the box if you want to enable it depending upon your preference.

Step 7:- Now, you will need to create your Apple ID and agree to the “Terms & Conditions.”

Step 8:- Afterwards, choose the “set up later” option on the iCloud keychain screen and click on continue.

Step 9:- Next, select your time zone depending upon your location and wait for some time to let the process finish. Once it’s done, you are successful in booting macOS Sierra.

Step 10:- Finally, Open the Apple store and search for Garageband. Install the application.    

Method 2: How to Install Via Andy Emulator?

Andy Emulator is one of the most popular android emulators that lets you use several mac compatible apps on your windows pc. It is up to date with the latest Android upgrades, too, and hence provides you the freedom to use a plethora of applications on your Windows pc.

Follow the step by step guide below to install Garageband via Andy Emulator:-

Step 1:- The first step is to download Andy Emulator on your PC. You can do that by clicking HERE. This link will take you to their website where you can click on the download option to download the .exe file.

Step 2:- Click on the .exe file to install the program. Once your installation finishes successfully, launch the application. Navigate to the search bar and type “Garageband” and press Enter.

Step 3:- You will see Garageband appear in the search results. Click on the ICON to install Garageband.

Step 4:- Finally, navigate to Andy Emulator’s home page and launch the Garageband app.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Garageband via Andy Emulator simple enough, isn’t it?     

Top Features of Garageband

Garageband has tons of great features. We have compiled a list of some of its best features for you:-

●  Garageband is an entirely free digital audio workstation(DAW) app. You do not need any physical instrument to start creating tracks. Hence, it requires no investment while being extremely cost-efficient at the same time.

●  It has a flawless user interface design, so you do not need any expert technical knowledge to operate.

●  This app enables you to create several genres of music, such as electronic dance music(EDM), Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop, and many more.

●  You also get a massive music library of every instrument to create boundless combinations and produce the track of your dreams.

●  It has in-built lessons as well so that you learn to play various instruments such as guitar or piano. The app also provides you quick feedback on your composed tunes.

●  The app has several editing options such as compression, distortion, echo, mix with different instruments, autotune, visual equalizer effects, etc. So, if your track is not according to your wish, then you can perfect it using these available options. 

●  It allows you to share your music compositions around the world using Facebook, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

●  Also, it has intensive text guides that you access by clicking on the quick help button and quickly learning all of its functionalities.

●  You can access it from anywhere you want and save your compositions as ringtones in your mobile devices.

●  You can use both an external keyboard and a virtual keyboard with your Garageband application by connecting it through USB.

Why Should You Choose Garageband Over Other Music Composer Apps?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this application can accommodate all of your musical requirements. It has an easy to use user-interface so you won’t have a hard time exploring the app. Also, it has a vast number of features that can provide you every solution. This app is a top pick for millions of music composers around the world.

You can use it to create world-class tracks with sounds from different instruments at your fingertips such as drums, guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, and many more. It is the perfect choice for the people who like to compose music on the go.

Garageband Alternatives

If you do not want to get your hands dirty with the setup and want to look for alternatives to this app, then you are at the right platform. We have compiled a list of apps that can be the perfect alternative of Garageband for windows machines.

FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the most popular alternatives to Garageband. It has a huge fanbase around the globe since it was known as FruityLoops. The application has been around for almost twenty years. A vast number of people prefer FL Studio as their primary choice of a digital audio workstation. It has a pretty straightforward workflow with a wide number of functionalities. You can use its tools to customize your tracks in-depth and personalize your experience as well. It is fast as well as responsive, so you can easily experiment with your composition. It has an incredibly attractive user interface, that is vector based and supports multi-monitor, 4k, and multi-touch configs. You can use its ultimate music composition tools such as pattern-based MIDI and loops to create mesmerizing tracks that will be entirely your creation. Due to the continuous upgrades to this application, it has now become a full-fledged digital audio workstation(DAW) app.  

The app has all the essential tools that make it a top-class DAW. It is also equipped with out of the box tools to produce electronic music efficiently. You can generate combinations of tunes and sounds to perfectly combine them and get the rhythm on point. Many music composers from all parts of the planet regularly use this software for their music production requirements. It is perfectly capable of handling a multitude of professional tasks. You can use this app on both windows as well as macOS without any difficulties.

Moreover, it is available in four different versions that differ with the number of functionalities included. These versions are named as Fruity, Producer, Signature, and All plugins bundle. There is a considerable price difference between each of them, but you also get the equivalent number of features. You can choose to purchase any one of them depending upon your needs. To put it simply, you will have fun using this app.


Stagelight comes for several platforms such as Android, Mac, and Windows. You can easily install this application on any one of these platforms and start using it out of the box. It takes a unique approach to music production than some of the other apps. You can use its live mode to test out your clips and loops to figure out the perfect beat for your music.

It comes in two versions free and premium. The free version has some limitations that are only available once you purchase the app. For beginners, the free version of Stagelight is more than enough and will accomplish most of your tasks. It is both simple and sophisticated at the same time, so every user, whether amateur or a pro, can fully utilize it to fulfill their music production requirements. It can help you bring all of your creative ideas to life instantly.

The latest version of this app is Stagelight 4 that comes jam-packed with a massive sound library. You can use this library to create amazing beats and tunes, build loops, create sample audio, and produce full multi-track songs with vocals, drums, audio, and other musical instruments.

You can also use devices such as Mobile phones, tablets, or computers to create your music projects. The fact that you can work across multiple devices on the same project gives you great flexibility and also increases your productivity by a great deal. Its users who have been using this app for music composition for a long time speak very highly of it. In fact, it is one of the most affordable digital audio workstations available in the market with some of the best features in competition with its rivals. Overall, anyone can easily use this DAW to create their music.  


The Reaper is a sophisticated software dedicated to music production. Its design provides tons of additional functionalities for expert users so they can customize and perfect their tracks even more. Reaper stands out amongst these applications and has a separate user base as well.

You will need some knowledge to use this app, but you will have a lot of options simultaneously. It is one of the cheapest applications that you can purchase in the market. The app has an impressive library of instruments, VST effects, and many more, but you may need some skills to use them in your composition effectively.

The developers of this application put a lot of effort into making the app as user friendly as it can be. But if you compare this app with Garageband than it is more complicated to use. The main complications are due to a huge number of features that are rarely seen in similar apps. It has the same overall performance around almost all of the platforms, such as Windows and macOS.

You can use it to create or compose music, build tunes, and even do extensive sound research. It is one of the highest quality music composer apps with a plethora of technical features that far exceeds any other application. The program itself is open-ended in nature and supports various sockets and programming languages. This extendibility enables the community to communicate with the internal functions of the program. There are several extensions as well as effects publicly for you to use in your compositions.

Reaper excels in several areas such as multichannel, ambisonics, sound design, film sound, etc. It uses system resources smartly and also has slots for several plugins, but they do not hinder the overall performance of the app. You can easily use this app as an alternative to Garageband.


LMMS is a cross-platform as well as an open-source software developed by several volunteers around the world. The tool is both powerful and flexible at the same time so that you can begin production in no time. It is completely free, so it requires zero investment to begin using the complete app.

It consists of several samples, instruments, and effects that come pre-loaded so you can start using them out of the box. You can experiment with your music and create the perfect tunes.

It has a slightly complicated user interface(UI) design that can be difficult for some people to master quickly. LMMS surely has one of the most challenging learning curves amongst the apps in this list. You will need to invest a significant amount of time to fully understand each and every feature detail. Only then will you be able to start working on projects and compose your own music to perfection.

This app is only available for two platforms Windows and Linux operating systems. So you can not run this app on macOS. It is one of the most capable alternatives to Garageband in terms of features and functionalities. So if you are looking to invest your time and energy in learning the process then this app will be perfect for your needs. However, if you are just a beginner and have only started composing music then you may have a difficult time using this app up to its full potential. Professionals can most definitely utilize it and they will also love its extent of features and functionalities.

The best part of this software is that it is open-source so you do not need to invest any money in purchases. Simply download, install, and start using the app to fulfill your music composition needs. You can find several tutorials for reference if you are stuck somewhere.

Mixcraft 8 Home

Similar to Garageband’s loop collection library, Mixcraft also offers you a broad spectrum of loops. You can use them to combine sounds and create amazing sounding tracks quickly. It is somewhat of a shortcut, but if you learn to use it, you can create some of the most astonishing tunes.

You can also perform live recordings on this app, very similar to Garageband. It is one of the few apps that are available at low prices but provide high-end specs to its users. Mixcraft is quite popular amongst its huge number of users and everyone has given positive reviews about the entire app. This digital audio workstation app is quite capable of being an alternative to Garageband. So you can blindly trust this program to fulfill all of your music creation requirements without any hassle. With the increasing number of competitors in this industry, Mixcraft is surely at the top of their game.

They continue to provide regular updates and bug fixes so that users can have a great time working on the program. It can easily do pretty much anything you will throw at this app and is a huge player in its industry. Many apps have launched and failed in this field but only best managed to make their place in the user’s heart. As a music composer, you require a good number of features and an easy to use interface to maintain your regular workflow.

Sadly, this application is not free to use, so you will have to purchase it from its official website or the app store. Suppose you want additional functionalities, then you can also purchase a ton of extras provided by the company to its users. It is quite easy to add features without having to lose the essence of the basic interface.


Q1. Which is the latest version of Garageband?

Answer:- Garageband has several versions that are often referred to by both names and numbers. So, it can be difficult for some people to differentiate. The latest version of Garageband is 10.3.4.

Q2. What is the download size of the Garageband App?

Answer:- The file size of the Garageband music app is around 526MB.

Q3. Is it suitable for Beginners?

Answer:- Yes, it is perfect for beginners to start their music composition journey. Its user-interface is very user friendly. You can also use its intensive guides to learn tons of cool features used by several professional composers.

Q4. Is there an alternative to Garageband for Android devices?

Answer:- Sadly, NO, because android devices are not as advanced as IOS devices, yet hence complex applications such as Garageband are not compatible with these devices. Android devices do not support multitasking, as IOS devices do.

Q5. Can you use the previous version after the upgrade?

Answer:- If you want to keep using the previous version after upgrading the app, then yes, you can do that easily. Simply navigate to the Applications folder inside the Garageband. You will see that it stores previous versions in this folder. You only need to launch the app from there.

Q6. Can I record my voice using Garageband?

Answer:-  Yes, Garageband has a feature that allows you to record your audio with your built-in microphone.

Q7. Can I add Third Party Loops in Garageband?

Answer:- Yes, you can add third-party loops in the loop browser of Garageband application. You can do that by simply dragging and dropping the files in the loop browser.

Q8. Is it possible to reinstall Garageband from the app store with a different ID?

Answer:- Yes, it is very much possible to reinstall the app. Simply delete the installed application and then sign out from the Apple store. Now sign back in from your different Apple ID and install the application.


A huge number of music artists rely on Garageband for their music composition requirements. It has all the features required to create amazing music tracks with ease. This app has enabled creators to create tracks at the luxury of their comfort and even during traveling. Also, it comes equipped with several tools, genres, instruments, and many more essential features for the process.

We have explained different methods by which even a windows user can successfully use Garageband on their machines. You only need to follow some necessary steps, as we have listed above, and you will be able to run this application on the windows machine. We hope that our guidelines may have helped you with the procedure.